Where did the name "Zak's Avenue" come from?

Deb's last name – Zakrzewski! Makes the store sound kinda fancy!

What's the Customer Club?

It's a reward club any customer can join with no obligation and no annoying card to carry…because you have way too many already, and you will undoubtedly forget it the next time you are in the store and need it most anyway! Just give us your name and you are a member! That means we keep track of your purchases for you and each time they add up over time $100, we give you $10 off. Seriously. Because we really appreciate your business!

Do you do gift consulting?

Absolutely. With over 11,000 different items in the store and a staff that knows about every single one of them, we can help you hone in on that perfect gift. And, if you are an animal lover, even better…we have so many different animal-themed items, it is highly likely we can find a panda, a lizard, a sloth, a sock monkey…or a dog or kitty themed item to make you smile!

Do you have layaway?

Absolutely – and it's FREE. We can customize a payment plan that will work for you!

How often do you get new stuff in?

Nearly every single week. Check out our Facebook page and our Pinterest page for more info!

What is your Return Policy?

In general, you can return an item in "as sold" condition within 7 days for a refund or within 30 days for an exchange. However, we are fair and can be flexible in extenuating circumstances…we know you will be fair too!

Do you have Gift Certificates?

Absolutely – in any denomination you like. They are simple and hand-made, but they work!

Do you gift wrap?

Yes, for free at your request. We have beautiful gift bags and boxes with tissue paper and ribbon, your gift will look awesome!

Do you have sales and specials?

We have both an in-store clearance section and numerous other specials and promos going on all the time!