Blue Q

Great News for Zak's Avenue and Our Awesome Customers!

Everyone seems to love Blue Q, proud designers and manufacturers of life-improving, joy-bringing products and one of our best-selling brands at Zak’s Avenue! Now, in addition to our large selection of Blue Q products in store (including socks, banks, tins boxes, hand sanitizers, paper lanterns, bags, pouches, totes, lavatory mists, soaps and gums), we have partnered with them to offer you online shopping of their entire product offering via our website! So you can still SHOP LOCAL through Zak’s, but now you have access to Blue Q’s entire amazing product line!

Just follow this SPECIAL LINK for Zak’s Avenue customers, or click on the "Shop Blue Q" button anywhere on this website and you will be directed to Blue Q’s website. To SHOP LOCAL through Zak’s, use this link to sign into Blue Q’s website, create an account (you only need to do this once!) and you are done! You will now be part of our special program for Zak’s Avenue customers ONLY, and as such will continue to receive Customer Club credit for each purchase you make on Blue Q’s website toward FREE gift certificates from Zak’s! (please note that if you do not use this link to create a new Blue Q account, your purchases will not count toward free stuff from Zak’s)

This is the first of many online shopping options you will soon be able to enjoy through Zak’s Avenue’s new website, so please bear with our “under construction” status as we continue to work hard to make your online shopping experience with Zak’s Avenue fun and seamless!