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Hi There, my name is Clawed, and I am Deb’s cat. You can call me Clawedee. She brings me to the store on occasion because I love hanging out in all the wrong places there, and pestering the customers (but I think they actually like it!) One day as I sat perched on Deb’s laptop, preventing her from doing anything useful, she decided to hire me to write her blog so that I would have something to do other than be a nuisance at the store. Not sure how I feel about that yet, but I guess I’m gonna give it a shot.

I am 10 years old and am told I am very special because I have half an ear, half a tail, a milk mustache, a chewed other ear, extra thumbs, and a busted butt. I also sport a pretty cool tuxedo look. And none of this stops me from being an adorable cat (I am) – I just can’t jump that high, but I always seem to get where I am going!

I am not selling anything at all in this blog but my delightful personality and cat’s eye view of happenings in the store. You can look at the rest of the website to learn about the store, the products, our history and all that stuff. I will be blogging about unusual retail-related occurrences, customers, salespeople, happenings in the South Wedge, fashion trends, funnies and things that happen on the job that will make you smile (or grimace). I will ask you questions and converse with you if you like. I will share stuff I learn that you might like to know about. And I will definitely post cute and funny animal-related stuff, just for fun! Most importantly, I will let you know when I am in the store so you can stop in and meet me in person!

I encourage comments, but please be nice, be considerate and be friendly (because any comment that I feel doesn’t meet these simple rules can and probably will be deleted). You can also email me at clawedee@zaksavenue.com.

So friends, stay tuned for my next post and have a PURRRR-fect day!

Love & kisses,
Your friend,
Clawedee, President of Blogging, Zak’s Avenue

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